Winning new customers with a Digital Mailing Program

Getting the attention of new sales prospects has become harder and harder.

Many emails are ignored if they are even able to avoid the spam folder before reaching their intended target.

Phone calls often end up in a voicemail box where only the highest priorities are returned.

While the volume of mail has declined significantly over the past decade, its effectiveness at reaching and impacting business professionals continues to rise.

Personalization with variable data printing

An enlarged, full color Postcard with information and graphics personalized to the recipient gets attention.  When someone sees their name or other personal information in the graphics of a mail piece, they stop and read the message.

A SIMPLE message offering additional information of value with a CALL TO ACTION for a RESPONSE is the sole purpose of this mail piece.

Digital Landing Page

The CALL TO ACTION provides a customized landing page where the Postcard recipient is able to obtain additional information and leave an Email Address and/or Phone Number seeking a follow up contact.

New Customers RESULT!

View examples of Landing Pages set up to obtain new customer propects:

— Landing Page Template — Example 1

— Landing Page Template — Example 2

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