Our Sales Lead Generation platform can be used to accomplish a number of purposes that each result in new B2B customer prospects for a business.  Several of these Sales Lead Generation tools on the platform follow:

Build a highly targeted customer prospect list: 

Use our database of 30,000,000+ B2B professionals (that is updated and double verified through an ongoing process) to build a highly  targeted customer prospect list using the selection criteria on the platform.  

The platform selection criteria includes  company name, location, industry, job title, number of employees, business revenues, . . . and more.  

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Individual and company profiles

Search a company by name to indentify potential contacts and review profile information for contacts and companies.

Obtain title, background experience, education . . . and more of these new customer prospects. Also, obtain the  phone number and email address of these individuals.

Email verification

Whenever a list is ordered from the platform, all email addresses are updated in real time to provide the most current information for these email address contacts.

The platform has 30,000,000+ B2B contacts and an email address is provided for almost all contacts.

To start a free trial, call us at (419) 865-0972