Digital Marketing Tools will enable your company to find new customer prospects and connect with them to win new business.  Work with our professionals and strategic partners to employ new tools for your marketing efforts.  Use our resources to reduce the demands on your staff.

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Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Without your knowledge, there are many people at companies clicking through your website anonymously. In fact only 2% of website visitors identify themselves. . . (CLICK to continue)


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Improve Search Rankings (SEO)

DMT's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service is aimed at improving a company's ranking in major search engines in order to increase visitors to its website. . . (CLICK to continue)



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Website Content (Blogs and Whitepapers)

DMT has established a service to provide regular blog articles & whitepapers that can be displayed on a company's website and emailed to clients. . . (CLICK to continue)


Image from the f2f side of an Adobe Connect Pro webinar at Ultimo Campus for the Diploma of HVAC  & R Engineering at Ultimo Campus.
Up to 20 students connect to the webinar online from all across Australia with the trainer and students who are f2f.
Most of the students bring their own notebook and connect to the wireless network and engage in the chat online and access the Course Moodle

Webinars and Webcasts

Digital Marketing Tools (DMT) and PGI, a global leader in webinar and event conferencing, provide easy to use technology and, if needed, talented support personnel to assist clients.

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Website Videos

The use of video provides an important tool to assist marketing efforts. It can make a company stand out from competitors. On a website, it can engage visitors. . . (CLICK to continue)

Digital Mailing Program

Getting the attention of new prospects grows harder. While the volume of mail has declined, its effectiveness at reaching and impacting business professionals continues to rise.

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